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Titanium Alloy casting with the international specific BS/ASTM/AMS/LN/WL/W/ASN/BMS/MSRR/DMD/DMS

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    Titanium Alloy casting with the internat...


Titanium Alloy casting with the international specific BS/ASTM/AMS

Grade: Gr5 , Ti-32Mo 
Min. casting wall thickness: 0.8mm
Max. casting size: ¦µ1200X800mm
Casting weight: 0.001~100Kg
Surface roughness: Ra3.2~6.3¦Ìm
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Titanium and its alloy with low density, high specific strength, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion

resistance, no magnetic, good biocompatibility, stable performance characteristics. The titanium alloy has the

characteristics, but also has high precision in dimension, good surface quality, near net shape forming, processing

and less or no processing capacity, has high production efficiency. Application of titanium castings can be greatly

improved component performance and quality, and reduce cost, reduce weight, increase the utilization ratio of materials.

The hot isostatic pressing and heat treatment, titanium alloy castings performance even close to the annealing

of titanium alloy forgings for performance. Therefore, Ti alloy castings are widely used in aviation, aerospace,

shipbuilding, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, education, medical and other fields