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Our company supply the full range products:

Iron Casting,Steel Casting, Non Ferrous Casting,Aluminum Casting,Copper Casting,and the main products such as the Gear,Flange, Manhole Cover,Valve,Bearing,Maching Products,Bucket Tooth,Raw Material,Driven Pile Hammer,

If you have any new inquiry for the OEM/ODM Iron Casting ,Steel Casting products,

you can contact our customer services or email us by sales@china-guangxing.com

LED Lighting Industry Metal / Aluminum Die Casting Parts Stage Light Body

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  • Brand   GX
  • Model   GX
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    Xi'an GX Mechano-Electronic Co., Ltd is ...


Short Description

product name

       aluminum die casting parts

the material we can supply

  • A . Cast Iron: Grey or Ductile Iron
  • B . copper
  • C . Stainless Steel
  • D . As per your requirement

type of process technic

  • A . Clay Bonded Sand Casting
  • B . Green Sand Casting
  • B . Resin Bonded Sand Casting
  • C . Shell-core Casting
  • D . Electric-furnace smelting
  • E . Investment Casting
  • T . Water Glass Lost Wax Casting

drawing or design of product

  • As per your requirement


  • As per your requirement

weight or size

  • 20-15000KGS
  • on your need


  • As per your requirement



other type of our product

  • A . Water pump parts
  • B . Machine tool parts
  • C . Agricultural machinery products
  • D . Valve parts
  • E . Sewage pip
  • F . Vessel parts 
  • G . manhole cover
  • H . iron cast door or fence
  • I . Other iron casting or steel casting  products
  • K . according to your dimension

delivery or lead time

  • A.If you can offer existing mould,it takes about 12-15days for a20 feet container.(Except  no bad weather condition)
  • B . If no, it takes 15 days to make a new mould.
  • C . as per client' need


  • A. Wooden pallet
  • B. Wooden case
  • C. Iron pallet
  • D. As per requirement